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EcoFriendly materials
Polyethylene is the simplest among synthetic polymers. Identified by the suffix “PE”, is the most common plastic used for products. Ideal for making chopping boards and work surfaces for handling food, due to its inherent chemical/physical characteristics, being non-toxic and odourless.
Physical properties: polyethylene has a density range between 0,91 and 0,93 g/cm3 and can resist prolonged exposures to temperatures of up to 65 °C. Chopping boards can easily be washed in dish washers.
Non-toxic: polyethylene is completely non-toxic. The excellent chemical inertia and its characteristics make it an ideal material for handling food. This thermoplastic resin nature does not promote bacteria, fungi and algae.
Chemical resistance to corrosion: this material is completely inert at normal room temperature, it has a good resistance to a wide range of chemical substances, so it does not crack, nor does it corrode. PE also shows an excellent resistance to corrosion.
Flexibility: polyethylene’s high flexibility and its plastic characteristic to return to its original shape after being deformed, makes it ideal for absorbing vibrations and mechanical stresses during use of products produced using this material.
100% Recyclable: polyethylene is recyclable and normally used to make plastic bags and containers. Recycling allows to re-use material already used and reintroduce it into the production cycle. This best practice helps reduce natural prime material needs and environmental impact.
Low temperatures: inherent mechanical characteristics allow this material to operate as ducts also at very low temperatures of up to -60°C. Tenacity is also maintained at low temperatures.

Bat Box: a safe refuge for our bat-friends
Bats take refuge in caves, wall cracks, hollows of three trunks, the attics of houses and ruins, which are becoming less common. The Bat Box offers a comfortable, safe refuge, that can easily be controlled and protected.
The Bat Box is “safe“ because predators like weasels, owls, such as screech owls, cats and martens can’t get in.
The spread of Bat Box will be able to help our “friends” from the risk of extinction.
Batsake action against damaging or annoying insects. In one night only bat can eat a quantity of insects equal to 50% of its weight, which corresponds to about 2000 mosquitoes.